6 Business-critical reasons to shift UX research left

User experience (UX) research is a crucial part of product and experience development, revealing necessary insights that can help make or break an initiative’s future. Unfortunately, it’s too often saved for late in the process when the project is very far along. That means teams miss out on the chance to make adjustments early that […]

What professional sports can teach us about sound UX research 

The need for both qualitative vs quantitative research If you’re like many people, you follow a sports team or two. Maybe you’re in a fantasy league. But it’s highly likely you don’t just look at the stats and box scores. You follow your favorite players on Twitter and Instagram and tune into their sports radio […]

Shifting User Research Left to Win Right 

Why Organizations Need to Combine Quantitative Testing and Qualitative Research  Critical business decisions are made with the help of quantitative and qualitative data. Unfortunately, that data comes from different sides of an organization. This siloed approach holds both sides back from reaching impactful results.  For many insight teams, the idea of combining quant and qual […]

User testing vs usability testing: is there a difference?

User testing vs. usability testing — the two terms sound alike, but is there a difference between them? Even industry experts often confuse these phrases or use them interchangeably, which doesn’t help make things any clearer. However, there are a number of subtle but important distinctions between usability testing vs. user testing. In this article, […]

3 Clear-Cut Signs You Have an Outdated UI

Are you worried that your website has an outdated UI? If so, it might be well past the time for a user interface update. An out-of-date website user interface can have negative repercussions that expands well beyond the digital realm to affect everything from customer service to profitability. This being said, what does an outdated […]

What does democratized knowledge mean?

Democratization of Knowledge Thumbnail

You probably know what a democracy is, or even what it means to “democratize” something—but what does “democratized knowledge” mean? The concept of democratized or public knowledge is an essential idea that is responsible for many of the technological breakthroughs of the past decade. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know—from the […]

User Research’s Battle Against Dark UX

How Democratization of Insights and Continuous Discovery Take on the Top Dark UX Patterns As digital products become more complex and the amount of user data available to companies grows, so does the need for researchers who are skilled in designing and conducting user research. However, even though the use of user research for improving […]

Top 5 UX Research Trends Shaping Experiences in 2022

The User Research Demand, Democratization of Insights, AI, Data Privacy, and Continuous Discovery User insights have become a valuable commodity for businesses in recent years. By understanding how users interact with their products, companies can improve design, functionality, and messaging. To obtain these user insights, businesses are turning to a variety of methods such as […]