Listening To Your Audience- Takeaways from AMA Higher Ed Marketing Symposium

Last week over 1,400 higher education marketers gathered at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to attend the 30th annual AMA Higher Ed Marketing Symposium. Amid the glamor and lights of Vegas, attendees dove headfirst into salient discussions on key topics in higher ed marketing, including: As diverse as these themes were, there was one common […]

8 Website Tips For Engaging Non-Traditional Students

Online degree programs are more popular than ever, and there are more and more Universities entering the fray.  Once the domain of for-profit schools, online program and degree programs are now being offered by most public universities, including most of top schools.  Online degree programs are on track to deliver nearly a third of all […]

Higher Education is Changing. Here’s How University Marketers Can Keep Up.

After more than 350 years of the current model of higher education, established by Harvard as the first U.S. college in 1636, the industry is finally changing dramatically. In fact, it will likely be unrecognizable within 25 years with the advent of online education, higher emphasis on adult and continuing programs, and increased competition. In […]

What Not-for-Profit University Marketers Can Learn From Their For-Profit Counterparts

Having recently met up with several higher education marketers at events across the country, I felt compelled to write about the common topics that are top of mind for these marketers, and the opportunities that come with them. Institutions of higher education (for those of you who aren’t following it) are under siege. While the […]

How a Top 10 University Doubled Its Online Student Conversion in 20 Days

When Bentley University’s marketing team set out to launch a major admissions campaign for undergraduate and graduate students, they were looking at a wide open road, with a lot of potential opportunity. They knew what they wanted: to deliver double-digit uplift in new student applications. But in order to achieve this, Bentley would need to […]