About WEVO

WEVO is a UX research platform that enables leading companies to uncover reliable, statistically significant user insights about their digital experiences in a fraction of the time of typical user research tools. WEVO delivers scores, benchmarks and synthesized insights, enabling research, product and marketing teams to de-risk the decisions they need to make.

Our Mission

Empower anyone to effortlessly generate reliable human insights, and create the most valuable digital experiences.

Our Values

Better together

We are committed to each other’s success.

We listen openly and value differences.

We help each other overcome challenges.

Customer first

We are focused on helping our customers succeed. 

We are passionate about helping them communicate better.

Relentless Improvement

We experiment. 

We learn. 

We are transparent and accountable.

Our Leadership Team


Nitzan Shaer

CEO & Co-Founder


Janet Muto

President & Co-Founder


Frank Chiang

VP of Engineering


Dustin Garvey

Chief Data Officer


Cris Mendes

VP of Sales


Elkin Arredondo

Director of Customer Success

Our team of passionate WEVOers is growing. Join us for a culture of collaboration, transparency, and respect. Ready to change the world of UX research?