Sometimes an A/B Test Just Doesn’t Make the Most Sense

There are 5 common scenarios we hear about when an A/B test just doesn’t make the most sense… 

When you don’t have enough site traffic

Sometimes a site or page doesn’t get enough traffic to run an a/b test in a reasonable amount of time. Rather than waiting for enough live traffic to see the experience to reach statistical significance — or worse, compromise on your ideal KPI — run a WEVO. You’ll not only get a significant prediction of the better performing page, but you’ll get real user quotes on what users like and dislike to optimize a better iteration to follow.

When you don’t have enough time

You want to gather results quickly, but you’re often competing with time to strategize, time to design, time to build, time in-field and time to analyze. You have an internal deadline for marketing decisions or you need insights to work into your sprint cycles. WEVO results are delivered in 2 weeks — with summarized key findings — making it ideal for a predictable cadence of reliable results.

When you need to test more than isolated variables

What happens when you want to test a redesign or multiple element changes in a single test? Sure, you could run a separate variation for each variable that you change — but it’s going to take that much longer to reach statistical significance. Instead, you can see which overall experience performs better and uncover specific feedback about brand, messaging, UX design, pricing, value proposition and more.

When you want to test the “painted door”

You want to gauge interest in a new feature, product, page, or piece of functionality…before you’ve built it. Rather than building the real thing, you can test a “painted door” when the feature you’re considering will be expensive to implement, and you’re unsure about demand, to see how users respond to having it. All you need to run a WEVO test is a designed concept or prototype, which means you can invest your team’s build time in the validated solution.

When the test you want to run is against a competitor

You want to A/B test not just your owned experiences or concepts — but you also want to know how your experience compares to a competitor’s. Because WEVO requires zero tech integration, you can go beyond a competitive assessment with a head-to-head test comparing owned and competitor pages. This allows you to not only see which is predicted to perform better, but also WHY, so you can build a best-of variation to outperform the industry benchmarks.

Each of the above is an ideal use case to run a WEVO Compare Test instead of an A/B test, to predict the difference in performance between up to 6 different pages or concepts. Best of all, you get the combination of qualitative and quantitative results and insights that capture the WHY.

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