FAQ: Custom Questions

How many custom questions can I ask?

5 sets of quant questions with one optional follow-up (qual) question each.

Can I ask more custom questions?

Yes, however this will require additional credits. Please contact your customer success manager or email support@wevoconversion.com.

How do I get the most out of custom questions?

We recommend adding a follow-up open-ended question for each quantitative question you ask. This will allow you to understand WHY visitors

answered the way they did. WEVO will provide quantitative resutls as well as searchable and filterable verbatim user answers from the follow-up


What question formats can I use for custom quant questions?

  • Likert (5 or 7 point scale)
  • Yes/No or True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Open Ended

For other question types, please contact your customer success manager or email support@wevoconversion.com.

Can I include an open ended follow-up question with every quant question?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it. The best quantitative questions are ones that are followed up with a qual questions so that you can uncover the “why”

behind your visitor’s answers. 

Can I ask additional question types?

WEVO will only show you results for the types of questions listed above. If you would like to ask a different question type, please contact your

customer success manager or contact support@wevoconversion.com

What questions does WEVO already answer?

WEVO Journeys scores your journey on how intuitive, valuable, inspiring, satisfying, and trusted visitors find the journey to be. We also compare the

journey to visitors’ expectations, and test the flow of the journey. 

What if I don’t find the answers I want in the likert answer selections? Can I create my own?

Yes, there is a custom option in the label drop down, allowing you to add custom labels. 

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