How WEVO And Vaan Helped LAKE Look Great

Luxury sleepwear company LAKE had great press in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, but their website wasn’t reflective of their high-end brand or customer experience. So they partnered for their desktop and mobile website overhaul with The VAAN Group, a leading digital agency doing amazing work for their clients like Tiffany’s, Hailey Beiber, Ann Taylor and Philips. After VAAN ran the quantitative data to build a redesign, they needed to know it would work well. Who did VAAN turn to benchmark it? WEVO. Our platform uncovered customer pain points that, when remedied, resulted in:

  • A double-digit increase in conversion (+12.77% mobile, +25.27% desktop)
  • A 61% increase in customer appeal
  • Improved AOV (+2.6% mobile, +1.68% desktop)

Those improvement results likely resulted in a lot of sweet dreams for LAKE.

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Company: LAKE

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