Good or Evil – Democratization and Integrity of Insights

Host: Jenni Bruckman

As user research becomes more prominent across teams, the tension between widening access to gathering and delivering insights with integrity is greater than ever. This begs the question, is the democratization of insights good or evil?

Watch WEVO’s VP of Customer Success and Strategic Alliances, Jenni Bruckman, discuss how to democratize insights with trust across customer experiences to meet the increasing demand for insight-led experiences. She will review how combining the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with the analysis of human research experts allows everyone in an organization to become “people who do research” – knocking down silos and building a better customer experience through insight-led innovation.

Key takeaways

What happens when expanding access to insights and delivering insights with integrity collide? We’ll discuss the challenges and benefits to making insights more accessible.

The importance of insights and the impact of knowing why.

How brands and organizations are democratizing insights and leveraging AI.

photo of jenni and description of democratization webinar

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