User Research and Optimization: Shifting Left to Win Right

June 9, 2022
Host: Paula Sappington and Jenni Bruckman

Quantitative and qualitative data are both used to help make critical business decisions, yet they typically exist within different sides of an organization. This holds both teams back from achieving their maximum impact. This siloed practice needs to change.

For many insight teams, the idea of combining quant and qual can seem too daunting a task, but fortunately, bringing their combined power to life can be a lot more straightforward than you would expect.

Join Jenni Bruckman, VP of Customer Success & Strategic Partnerships at WEVO, and Paula Sappington, Sr. Director of Digital Research at Hilton, to learn feasible strategies for successfully integrating your quant and qual insights practices to meet ever-increasing organizational and consumer demand, and deliver the right customer experiences

Throughout this rich discussion, you’ll discover how Hilton has combined the power of quant and qual to reduce the risks of usability and drive an experimentation mindset across the organization. Plus, you’ll take away powerful tips to empower your team to accelerate the integration of quant and qual, build a better customer experience through insight-led innovation, and accelerate impact.

3 Things You’ll Learn:

  • How Hilton has combined the power of quantitative testing and qualitative research to win at optimization and research
  • How your team can shift left to de-risk, democratize and deliver with smart AI and human research experts
  • How to shift left and lead with qualitative research, to win right with the customer experience

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