WEVO Announces New Features, Empowering User Researchers and Product Designers to Effortlessly Capture Reliable Customer Insights

Enhancements to WEVO’s User Experience (UX) platform include a new dashboard, enhanced diagnostics, and collaborative key findings, making it effortless to see and share test summary and insights with recommended action. An industry-first AI tool enabling user researchers to go from  ‘experience test’ to ‘ready insights’ in minutes. 

Boston, MA, April 19, 2022 — WEVO, the next-gen user experience (UX) platform that enables users to effortlessly capture reliable customer insights, today announced the addition of multiple new features to its platform, including enhanced collaboration tools, prioritized insights, and deeper and more accurate insights at a glance. These new features and enhanced user interface are aimed to provide user researchers and their team the customer insights needed to build outstanding experiences.  

As a leader in user experience research, WEVO empowers teams to effortlessly uncover customer insights to create experiences. With more demand from organizations striving to be customer-led by accessing user feedback, WEVO delivers high-volume user feedback for brands to become insight-led, understanding their consumers’ emotions and preferences at scale. 

These new capabilities are unleashing benefits for user researchers including better collaboration with team members on user insights, hours of work saved by auto generating a sharable insight report, and a greater level of insight accuracy through new diagnostics that pinpoint the shortcomings of any experience in the design phase or live.  

New WEVO Diagnostics Offer Unprecedented Accuracy and More Insightful Qualitative Feedback

WEVO’s diagnostics and proprietary scoring algorithms are now smarter than ever.  The new diagnostics reflect months of research and testing to make it easier for user researchers and teams to understand a visitors’ experience and the room for improvement on the page.  Diagnostic labels will be the same across both journeys and tests, making it easier for stakeholders to understand results. 

The improved diagnostics have been updated, with the newest diagnostic,  First Impression, measuring visitors’ overall impression of the journey or page being tested, and includes new, highly valuable qualitative feedback.  Other diagnostics include scores in how Engaging, Intuitive, Trusted, and Valuable the page or journey is. 

New Dashboard Offers User-Driven Key Findings with Up-Vote Capabilities for Better Collaboration 

The improved WEVO dashboard makes it even easier for researchers to pinpoint key findings and share critical reports and insights across their organizations and stakeholders. The updated, “smarter” dashboard elevates meaningful insights with consistency across standard test types, making the output easier to understand through unified diagnostics and ease of synthesis. 

The addition of User-Driven Key Findings adds a level of user control and insight consolidation to WEVO outputs, allowing users to add their feedback with more in depth synthesis and recommendations. In combination with WEVO Key Findings, User-Driven Key Findings offers a designated area for internal and agency experts to synthesize critical insights, add notes, and share recommendations.

WEVO’s new Up-Vote feature allows users to flag WEVO Key Findings, endorsing those that are most meaningful. This added feature shows the value of having an objective third-party assessment and allows users to more easily address those important key findings with stakeholders. 

To learn more about these new updates and how to effortlessly generate reliable human insights, to create the most valuable digital experiences, visit www.WEVOconversion.com

About WEVO

WEVO is a next-gen User Experience platform that enables anyone to effortlessly capture reliable customer insights. Leveraging human augmented AI, WEVO delivers meaningful insights, enabling research, product and marketing teams to create customer led experiences. Optimize every experience at WEVOconversion.com.

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