WEVO Page and Compare Tests Have a New Look

All WEVO Page and Compare tests submitted on or after October 27th 2021 will feature our new report design which includes many new features to make reviewing WEVO tests easier than ever.

Every report now includes a pull-out drawer where you can reference images of the pages you tested (either in page, compare page or deep dive pages in WEVO Journeys). This allows you to look at the page being referenced in the feedback (key findings, quotes etc.) without having to exit the report or switch between tabs.

We have also separated Key Findings by page, so that you can better understand what the findings are referring to, or review one page at a time without having to decipher what insights pertain to which page.

Finally, we have tweaked the compare report to be more user-friendly. Click on the image itself to see an enlarged version of the page, or click on the eye icon to hide or show that page on the compare graph.

We hope that these design changes will improve your WEVO experience. Additional questions or feedback? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email support@wevoconversion.com.

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WEVO Page and Compare Tests Have a New Look