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WEVO Pro provides more reliable user insights with 120 human respondents.

So what’s the difference between WEVO Pulse and WEVO Pro?

WEVO Pulse enables you to rapidly test web pages, product pages and emails. It is intended for testing every iteration of your design. It is entirely based on AI. No humans are involved. 

WEVO Pro delivers higher confidence by surveying 120 human responses. It is capable of analyzing entire experiences and provides quantitative results in addition to qualitative ones.

WEVO Pro will:

Show you what’s working and what isn’t with specific page elements—and why

Identify the gaps between users’ expectations and their actual experiences

Score digital experiences

Show how experiences perform against industry and product benchmarks

“WEVO allowed us to focus on structuring our pages the right way up front to put out the best digital experience. I haven’t really found another tool that does what WEVO does.”

Cara Goodwin
VP of Web & Ecommerce, Toast
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