Adding More Insight to Your Visitor’s Experience

Every visitor who lands on your website or landing page comes with a pre existing set of concerns, needs, hopes, or aspirations that guide how they evaluate and engage with your page. Shining a light on the aspirations and addressing the concerns can make a huge difference in visitors’ perception of both your brand and your offering.

Traditionally, these hopes and fears have been largely hidden from digital marketers, only accessible through small focus groups and user testing. While helpful, these findings (like most results from user testing and focus groups) are limited by the law of small numbers. At best, this means that you only have access to a small portion of the needs and concerns of your prospective audience – at worst, you might design a landing page that speaks to the wrong fears, and highlights the wrong features. WEVO’s latest update solves this problem.

Introducing Audience Expectations

With the release of audience expectations, digital marketers can now see exactly what matters most to their visitors and and how well each page addresses these hopes and concerns. At a glance, see the most significant expectations your target audience has when coming to your page and exactly how well your page met or didn’t meet these expectations.

Dive Deeper

Want more? Dive deeper into the qualitative feedback from your audience and understand why the page did or didn’t meet their original expectations… in their own words

The most effective pages speak to the hopes and fears of their target audience. They address aspirations of a better career in higher education, answer key questions interest rates in finance, or talk about quality of care for insurance. With help from WEVO, digital marketers are better able to adapt messaging and content to tailor to what matters most to your target audience.

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