Break Through Your Website Performance Plateau

Picture it: your webpage was chugging along nicely for months. It started out decently, and then you made some tweaks to the customer experience and it performed even better. You were feeling pretty good.

But then something happens and suddenly those KPIs seem less achievable and more like stretch-goals. Your qualified leads go up for a week or two, then tumble. 

You become the textbook definition of diminishing returns. 

The tough news: you’ve plateaued. 

The good news: similar to people who plateau when trying to lose weight, you need to break the routine to kick things back into gear. And that’s entirely possible.

Consider these four tips to get your digital CX performing again.

Reassess your habits. 

When was the last time you checked in to see what prospects think about your page? Maybe things have changed. Maybe the competition is doing something more exciting. Don’t take success for granted, or let things slide that shouldn’t. Make it part of your regular practice to review what’s working well (and do more of it) and what isn’t working (so you can fix it).

Cut the extra out. 

Is your site bloated with excess information or pages that dilute the clear path to action for your customers? Sure, a clean and concise site is a beautiful thing, but if you cut too much out, you can unintentionally drive your customers away to seek out the information they’re looking for.

Challenge yourself.

It’s easy to keep providing the same CX over and over because it becomes comfortable for you. Time to step outside that comfort zone. Try something new and even consider asking someone in a non-marketing role at your company what they think.

Ask your customers.

Sometimes, it’s just best to go to the source. Ask your customers what they want and figure out what your site is lacking. Using a solution like WEVO makes it easy, giving you access to information like how visitors view your page (and your competitor’s pages), what works and what doesn’t work in your digital customer experience and, perhaps most importantly, get statistically significant insights and verbatim feedback from visitors. 

Don’t settle for mediocre. When you feel your CX plateauing, consider additional testing to learn why and take actions to optimize and consistently meet your goals over time. 

To learn more about WEVO, contact us.

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