Be a Digital CX Trendsetter, Not a Crowd-Follower

We’ve all been there. You need to get your campaign or landing page right to deliver the best possible customer experience, but time is short and budget is limited. So what do you do? 

Maybe, you peruse your top competitor’s website to see what they’re doing and borrow some of their ideas. Sure, it’s convenient, and it’s always smart to keep tabs on what the competition is doing, but using your competitor’s site as a launching point to get your own to the finish line is far from the best idea.

It’s time for you to become a digital marketing trendsetter, not a crowd-follower. And it’s easier than you think. 

For starters, know your audience. Ok, check. You already know this. But using your competitor’s website as your guiding light won’t be helpful if their target audience isn’t the same as yours. In fact, your top competitor might not even consider you one of their competitors, which means your customer experience could be optimized for the wrong audience.

Next, recognize the importance of measurement. Unless you have an inside source working for the competition who is willing to share data with you, you don’t know for sure if their website is converting. So, why use their website as your template? You need to be sure your website will perform the right way for the right audience.

And finally, utilize your customer feedback. Your customers know the type of experience they’re looking for and you want your website to convert. Leverage that relationship! Tap into customer feedback so you can optimize your website as effectively as possible.

Even with a short timeline and limited budget, it’s possible to tackle all of this at once with pre-live testing. In fact, using a solution like WEVO can actually provide you with a low-risk method of CX research: Test elements and new concepts with potential members of your target audience. You’ll get curated and direct customer quotes about what worked for them, and what you still need to work on.

And, because you can’t forget about those competitor pages, WEVO lets you compare your pre-live page designs to what your competition already has in market, and it will tell you which one will perform better. 

Give your customers what they want by equipping yourself with accurate insights. Show them (and the competition) that you understand customers’ needs and deliver a digital experience that meets them. Be the digital marketing trendsetter.

To learn more about WEVO and pre-live testing, contact us.

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