When “Best Practices” Don’t Apply to You

We all know the list of “best practices” to help your website deliver a better customer experience.

Things like: 

  • Make your website easy to understand
  • Use white space to make important messages stand out
  • Make it mobile-friendly
  • Make the CTA stand out, using a bright color at the top of the page
  • Make it purpose-centric so your visitors can accomplish whatever they come to your site to do

But in our digital world, these guidelines are more like a list of basic principles for having a website and less like a list of best practices. Each of these items is just expected and websites that miss the mark are considered outdated, and ignored.

For this reason, don’t get bogged down in “best practices.” It’s an often overused phrase, especially when it comes to delivering an engaging digital customer experience. And here’s why: what might be considered “best practices” for one company might not be the best guidance for you and your audience. After all, your customers know what they want. If you deliver an experience that doesn’t align to what they expect, you’ll likely drive them away.

So, does a list of best practices even exist to help brands create the most perfectly engaging website? Absolutely, and it’s pretty simple:

  1. Use the basic principles of digital marketing as a starting point to help you create your website in a way that makes sense for your brand and product or service.
  2. Leverage pre-live testing to see what parts of your digital experience work well and what could be improved.
  3. Use this information to create your own list of best practices that is targeted to your specific audience or persona.

The purpose of your website, after all, is to provide an engaging digital customer experience and, ideally, drive them to conversion. You just can’t do that if you don’t understand what they’re looking for.

Use Pre-Live Testing to Win the Day 

When you use pre-live testing, you gain actionable insights about what works well with your audience and what needs to be improved before the site is even live. Using a customer experience platform like WEVO essentially provides you with a research assistant to test the digital experience and give you actionable recommendations in days.

Don’t leave your digital CX up to the “best practices” created for completely different brands. Create your own best practices based on real, actionable data so you can always give your customers what they want.

To learn more about WEVO and Pre-Live testing, contact us.

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