Getting Started with CX Optimization – Common Use Cases

3 part blog post series
Jenni Bruckman

So you’re interested in taking your digital experience (DX) or customer experience (CX) optimization to the next level…  Great! Now where do you get started?

WEVO Conversion works with leading brands across industries to layer qualitative and quantitative insights into various DX and CX programs. In this three-part blog post series, I’ll lay out some common strategic use cases for how many of our customers leverage the power of WEVO to improve their program output and effectiveness — short term and long term.

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Use Case #3: Prove & Improve Your Redesigns 

Website redesigns come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you’re redesigning a single element on a page with a bold new idea. Other times you’re completely overhauling the brand, UX, layout and information architecture of an entire area of the site. 

It’s not uncommon across industries to see a performance dip in key metrics following a website redesign of close to 10%. Yep, you read that right…10%! Typically, that’s because organizations take several big swings at once in a redesign effort. It’s difficult to measure the impact of each of those changes, except on the whole of conversion rate or similar performance KPIs. Redesigns are also the moment that everyone across every team in an organization has a temptation to throw their ideas toward the top of the prioritization pile to make sure it’s incorporated. 

When every basis point of performance is critical to the business, no organization can afford the luxury of that kind of setback — and more importantly, the entire idea of a redesign is to improve performance of the site!  

Now, let’s flip the script. Imagine you are able to test the concepts of your redesign, iteratively, ahead of the launch. You gather rich qualitative insights at a significant quantitative scale for the holistic changes you’re making — you gather feedback on brand, tonality, UX, visual changes, copy changes, and more. Plus, you can gather all of those same rich insights for competitor experiences, baking the ‘best-of’ elements into your redesign and identifying the dislikes to leave them out of it. Then, you can leverage the power of all of those insights to produce a vastly better performing version of your concept for launch, to perform well out of the gate. 

Not only that, but now you also have a clear path to post-launch iterative improvements and insight gathering. You can build a continuous cycle of ‘Prove & Improve’ for the digital experiences, with a defined measurement strategy that combines the power of qual and quant feedback at reliable signal.

This is how so many organizations are using WEVO to benchmark performance and gain improvements into and out of a redesign. They are able to: 

  • Optimize faster by automating current process and pinpoint WHY people are not engaging
  • Accelerate revenues by saving months of iterations to invest build time in validated ideas
  • Reduce risk of redesign launches by comparing concepts and competitors before launch

Insight-led organizations are reducing risk and increasing revenues with WEVO’s pre-live, competitive and ongoing iterative testing. And we’re here to help. 

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