Getting Started with CX Optimization – Common Use Cases

3 part blog post series
Jenni Bruckman

So you’re interested in taking your digital experience (DX) or customer experience (CX) optimization to the next level… 

Great! Now where do you get started?

WEVO Conversion works with leading brands across industries to layer qualitative and quantitative insights into various DX and CX programs. In this three-part blog post series, I’ll lay out some common strategic use cases for how many of our customers leverage the power of WEVO to improve their program output and effectiveness — short term and long term.

Use Case #1: A/B Testing Programs

Many customers use WEVO as an insight engine to improve testing program win rate. 

I admit, I’m a bit biased to this use case because I’ve seen the value firsthand and come from 10+ years in a/b testing. Industry average for testing win rate is still only 25%. That means three quarters of the time, tests lose. Our intuition for digital strategy or UX design elements can be wrong. And that’s ok — that’s why testing programs exist. And that’s why testing teams work so hard to drive up the win rate, catalog learnings, prioritize hypotheses and improve the roadmap of ideas. 

Now imagine having clear, crystallized insights to understand the WHY of visitor behavior to combine with your test results. These CX metrics would help to the further ensure that your tests are accurate.

WEVO pinpoints why visitors aren’t converting, and offers detailed insight into their likes and dislikes — magnifying the power of the quantitative with the qualitative. Our clients combine that insight with their a/b testing results to build roadmaps from validated problems into proven hypotheses. Significantly improving win rates in the process.

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