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Understanding visitors and customers is a critical path for marketers. Yet, at a time when marketers and product teams are literally drowning in near instant and constant data about who their customers are and what they do, they are still missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Until now. 

Historically, there  has not been a speedy and effective way to pinpoint why visitors are not engaging and then recommendations to make improvements on those interactions. All the data in the world and speed can’t help you if you don’t know the next steps to take. If you can understand how your digital journey stacks up to your audience’s expectations and needs, you’ll pinpoint what you need to offer to deliver a highly engaging experience on every page.

Today, we are introducing WEVO Digital Experience Platform. The newest product from WEVO delivers the ability to test the customer journey across multiple pages and to get statistically significant customer insights, verbatim feedback and industry benchmarks. WEVO’s human augmented AI model is the fastest way for marketers to understand customer engagement and provide research-driven recommendations to improve interactions. It allows marketers to optimize not only live websites but also concept designs, without the need for live traffic. 

WEVO Experiences was created to provide valuable and significant insights to product and CX teams and marketers, allowing them to optimize their customer experiences based on actual feedback, and create experiences that are more effective from day one. 

WEVO Experiences combats the challenges marketers have today:

  1. The speed of digital marketing: There’s a high rate of change in customer expectations today. Companies are struggling to keep their digital experiences relevant with these rapidly changing expectations. We saw that first-hand with how quickly everything changed in 2020. As customers expectations change, marketers need to understand the why in those changes and react quickly.  Digital marketing demands speed and constant iteration. Today, there is no time to spend on heavy cycles of homework and researching. By the time the results are available, they are outdated. WEVO provides marketers with a tool that works at this speed, and provides statistically significant customer insights, industry benchmarks and recommendations that traditional research would take days instead of weeks or months.
  1. The emergence of qualitative science: Marketers have come a long way from artistic, fluffy creatives to data-driven scientists. That data comes from seeing what people did on the site, if they bought something, or if they bounced. However, digital left qualitative “why” behind and instead, myriads of tools focus on determining who customers (and visitors) are, and what they do.  We give them the WHY, but do it in a way that provides far more than anecdotal evidence: by scoring results against a database of all feedback and, by curating and synthesizing findings that come from at least 200 testers per Journey.
  1. Lack of tools that test experience Pre-Live: Marketing and product teams have lacked a tool that can predict effectiveness and compare digital assets before they launch. Usability testing, with cohorts of less than 8 is the current standard, with many waiting until the site or landing page is already developed and live to test in market.  However, usability tests, while valuable, provide anecdotal insights and unearth mechanical speedbumps. Post live testing, e.g. A/B  tests, deliver real data on what visitors do, but not answer the WHY, leaving marketers without insight into what would  make the experience better.

Today, WEVO customers can test customer journeys, BEFORE they launch them. Marketing and product team can understand how easy it is for visitors to complete that journey, how effective and valuable the pages in the journey are, and why visitors would or wouldn’t engage further, allowing them to eliminate months of live testing, and get to better and more effective experiences faster.

Why WEVO Experiences

WEVO’s current product, which analyzes and compares potential conversion of individual pages, has been used by many leading companies to test and compare new concepts and designs before building and launching them,  as well to diagnose existing pages. Customer can even compare their concepts or pages with those of their competitors.. 

But many of our customers wanted more. In our interviews and feedback sessions, we listened as they noted that they didn’t have a way to test full journeys. Marketers and product teams have no way to understand what on a journey hurts engagement, or confuses their visitors or, worse, turns them off.  Even more valuable is to understand what is missing from the journey that visitors hoped to see. Today, WEVO Experiences does just that.

How WEVO Works

WEVO uses look-a-like visitors who match our customers’ audience, to test their emotional and rational response to the journey. The WEVO AI scores each response and benchmarks it against a database with the response of over 1.5 million visitors.  This allows WEVO to give each journey a benchmarked engagement score.

WEVO results include verbatim quotes from a significant number visitors, visitor expectations, which measures how well the journey answers what is on visitors’ minds for the journey, and curated and synthesized findings on the effectiveness of the Journey. WEVO Experience also provides specific insight into how visitors view each page, including what works and doesn’t in designs and content, and how effective each page is at potentially driving a visitor to the next page in the experience.

By using WEVO Experiences, marketer and product teams can launch new experiences with the confidence that their journey will be effective from day one, saving what could have been months of experimentation and iteration at the expense of visitors and performance.

If you’re interested in learning more about customer motivation in digital experiences, contact us and see how WEVO can help you make your journey more effective for your customers and visitors.

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