Improve the Human Experience Behind Your Digital Marketing with Data

All these big words – customer experience, user experience, digital experience – the list goes on and on. For me, it’s about the human experience.

As a former front-facing marketer, that was all I cared about. Was I providing the right information for humans to capture and, in turn, convert? Whether it was a call-to-action to click to a website for more information or to comment on a Facebook post or to hit a link in an email blast, the conversion was key. My goal was always to provide my audience with the information they want; not the information I wanted for them. I figured if I answered their questions or provided them with valuable information, the conversion would take place.

However, all of the digital solutions in the world aren’t going to matter if you don’t track what works and what doesn’t. And that’s where it’s extremely important to look at the data behind your activity because if you don’t, you’re just throwing spaghetti up against a wall and hoping it sticks. Am I right?

Back in the day, data for me meant to check activity on social media platform likes, shares of posts, comments, time of day, day of the week, platforms themselves – were they the right ones or weren’t they, etc. It was time-consuming work because there was no one platform that could track all of that. I needed to visit Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn insights, blog and email stats, all individually, and then somehow put the findings all together in one spreadsheet that made sense. Honestly, I’m not sure it ever really did since the moment I collected it, the results would change because the activity was alive and changing along with it. BUT, I tracked my data and I made changes (or additions) accordingly.

Now, I’m on the other side of the marketing spectrum. I analyze data and provide results with recommendations, but I don’t do it alone. Artificial Intelligence (or AI) helps me…and pardon the elementary expression but, it’s pretty cool!

The WEVO platform is crazy good! Our customers come to us for answers and solutions to the digital products they may decide to launch, or have already incorporated into their marketing strategy. It might be a new website or a landing page or a journey to a conversion. They create parameters in which they wish to test. We then engage human panelists to answer a survey of questions. From there, AI combs through the data to help the humans behind the results understand them better so that we analysts can then provide high-level key findings for our customers to learn and take recommendations from. Using the WEVO platform is a huge time saver for them and economical too. We put in the heavy lifting to achieve the results they need so that they don’t have to, basically.

What I really like about being a part of the WEVO team is helping our customer teams – marketers, designers, product managers, etc. – truly see what their audience wants, what works, and what doesn’t to help them make whatever changes necessary to improve upon the human experience in their marketing, and ultimately the conversion for their goals.

I believe in the WEVO platform. I’ve seen how it has helped our customers change or build upon their marketing strategies. It’s truly a valuable tool.

And before you ask, no, the “Powers That Be” did not put me up to writing this blog. I chose to do it myself because THAT’s how much I believe in our product and our team.

So, if you are looking to test your own digital marketing solutions, come see for yourself how WEVO can help you. We’d love to work with you!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I do have to get back to my duties as an analyst. Maybe one day the results I will be analyzing will be yours. Maybe.

About the Author

Lisa Sullivan is an Insight Analyst with WEVO Conversion. By day, she analyzes the data and results behind our customer tests and writes reports that provide high-level insights for them. In her spare time, you may find her riding her bike to the beach, running 5Ks, reading a good book, or just hanging with her best friend, Cotton Kitty.

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