Introducing: WEVO Pulse, the first AI-based UX analysis tool that delivers reliable and instant insights, leveraging data from over 1 million user research participants

Today marks a new era in the user experience space: instant UX insights. Marketers, product managers, and designers no longer need to wait days in order to get feedback on their ideas and designs. Instead, they are able to get instant feedback, uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of user experiences. With WEVO Pulse, they can evaluate digital products, marketing campaigns, and prototypes to understand how various groups of people would likely respond. This enables teams to create better experiences faster, delight their customers, and accelerate business growth.  

Speed and reliability

WEVO has achieved this groundbreaking advancement by leveraging generative AI technology and data from WEVO’s over 1 million user research participants. For the first time, a machine can both ascertain the audience that a digital experience is best suited for and assess, with a relatively high degree of confidence, what that audience will find compelling and off-putting in an experience. 

Traditional user testing has typically required multiple days, material effort, and significant budgets. These high costs forced teams to risk launching experiences that were unvetted, building on their gut feeling alone. From today, teams can test every experience they are developing at every step of the design process to ensure that they are putting only high-quality experiences in front of their customers. Teams can now test experiences that they previously didn’t have the budget or the time to before.

Innovation leads to a new era in UX

WEVO Pulse is a big step in realizing WEVO’s vision of enabling EVERY experience to be built on reliable user insights. By enabling all experiences to be built on reliable user insights, we empower product and marketing teams to create better user experiences faster to benefit diverse groups of people from around the world.  

To be clear, Pulse is a groundbreaking complement, rather than a replacement, for full user studies. It should be used when teams don’t have enough time or money to run full-blown user studies. We recommend that before launching a new product or a large campaign, when the stakes are high, to run a WEVO Pro study, which will provide even more reliable feedback from 120 people. 

Due to the unprecedented innovation achieved by Pulse, multiple patents have already been filed by WEVO with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In essence, Pulse enables teams to test 100 times faster than traditional tools (five minutes vs. more than nine hours of traditional tools).  

WEVO Pulse includes:

  1. Key findings: Insights into what is working and what can be improved. 
  2. Sentiment map: Insights on specific areas of a page. Users can see how each finding is connected to a specific part of the asset.
  3. Audience customization: WEVO Pulse enables users to specify the exact audience or personas they are targeting, thus ensuring the insights are tailored to their audience. 
  4. Interactive engagement and custom questions: Users can ask WEVO Pulse any research question they have, such as questions they would typically ask the target audience.


And we are just getting started. Soon, WEVO Pulse will also incorporate full user experiences and detailed image analysis – going beyond the single page. 

Join the new era, today.

After talking to the early users of WEVO Pulse and to a number of the global leaders in the UX space, I believe we are entering a new era in user experiences. As tools such as WEVO Pulse proliferate, we will see the quality of digital experiences around the world enter a new level, making life just a little bit easier and possibly even containing a few more delightful moments. That mission of making the world better for people is what drives our team forward. I hope you will join us and become a part of this exciting journey.   

Now, it’s time for you to see for yourself what AI feedback can do for you. Working on a new website? A new marketing campaign or product?  Take your first pulse free at

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