Three Ways Digital Marketers Can Improve Conversion

Digital marketers are always looking to improve their digital properties, test iterations rapidly, and increase conversion. Traditional A/B testing is a great tool to measure results, but fails to deliver the “why” behind what visitors like and dislike, how they feel when they visit one of your pages, and what causes them to disengage before converting. That’s where WEVO comes in. In as little as one week, WEVO can identify what is preventing your visitors from converting and provide actionable insights, verbatim, and benchmarked page scores to help your teams create pages that work.

There are three areas where WEVO can significantly help digital marketers

1. Diagnose an Existing Page

Digital Marketers are always looking for better conversion on landing, web and mobile pages, but rarely know what what changes to test. Often, optimization is based on conversion best practices, or team member hypothesis, but not by understanding the prospective customer. By testing current landing and product pages on WEVO, digital marketers can see elements that are and aren’t resonating their visitors, understand visitors reactions to the page, and get actionable insights on what to improve and test. WEVO also scores each page across five key conversion drivers and compares theses scores with other pages in the same market.

2. Test Creative before you develop and launch

Imagine spending time and money on a site redesign, send it to the development team to have it built, and launch it, only to find that it actually performs worse than the original page. New designs (and some design updates) are resource intensive endeavors, and without knowledge of what worked and what didn’t on your existing page, you could be setting yourself up for a costly mistake. With WEVO, digital marketers can virtually eliminate the risk of a conversion disaster by testing and refining concepts well before spending time and money on development. With look-alike audiences and image based testing, WEVO gives you the ability to test up to 6 designs at once to identify which performs best overall, which is preferred by individual demographic segments, and what page will provide the largest boost in conversion.

3. Compare pages (including those of your competition)

Because WEVO tests don’t require a full development cycle or live code, WEVO customers have completely changed how they work and test.

  • More creative: WEVO users push the boundaries of creative – testing different treatments and then taking either the best performing or creating new a new design based on that learning.
  • Competitor pages: WEVO users can test how their target audience responds to competitors’ designs and learn what works and what doesn’t.

WEVO has dramatically changed how digital marketers create tests and improve conversion on mobile, landing and web pages with fast and inexpensive way to gain customer insight, page scores and actionable recommendations in an easy to use web platform. Contact us to find out more.

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