WEVO Makes the Inc. 5000 List, Championing Human-Augmented AI as the Next Phase of UX Research

We are excited that WEVO was recently named one of 2022’s fastest-growing private companies in the United States, ranking #1802 on the Inc. 5000 list. 

The Inc. 5000 list ranks the fastest-growing companies in the United States and counts some pretty illustrious names like Facebook, Chobani, Under Armour, Microsoft and Patagonia as past recipients. While we are humbled for the recognition, we are equally grateful to our customers who see the real benefits of our user experience (UX) validation technology. 

Being named on this list validates the current demand for user-centered designs and our focus on helping organizations democratize research. Modern UX research methods – like WEVO’s combination of smart human researchers and the power of AI – means organizations can feel more confident they’ve de-risked the decision-making into their online experiences, when insights are based on more than an anecdotal handful of users. 

We’re excited to keep growing. Our team has increased annual recurring revenue (ARR) by five times from 2018-2021, and we secured number 82 On Inc. Magazine’s List Of The Northeast Region’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies back in March. Making the Inc. 5000 is another reason why 2022 is going to be a banner year for us.

Filling the demand for more customer insights 

In today’s landscape, customers expect more from companies with which they engage, driving the rising demand for reliable customer insights. Roughly 90% of consumers demand more authentic and purposeful experiences with companies, per Accenture. To respond to this shifting market, 74% of companies are trying to be more agile and resilient. 

Clearly, organizations need more access to insights, but there aren’t enough UX researchers to go around. The Nielsen Norman Group estimates 100 million research professionals will be needed by 2050. Organizations can meet more of the demand when they allow non-UX research employees to gather reliable user-generated insights themselves–safely and responsibly, with a platform like WEVO. Both UX professionals and non-UX practitioners like designers, marketers, and product owners can use WEVO to do the time-consuming work of getting optimal user feedback into what’s working, what’s not and most importantly – why.  

“We’re grateful to our customers who helped guide us, our team members who built a breakthrough product, and the Inc. 5000 judges. We’re thrilled to make our first appearance on the list.”

“WEVO is on a mission to transform how companies incorporate user feedback into their digital experiences. WEVO enhances traditional user research methods, which are often cumbersome and anecdotal, by enabling brands to get reliable customer feedback for every experience.” said Nitzan Shaer, Co-Founder and CEO. “Our platform is a critical tool for user research, product, and marketing teams that need to understand customers and deliver the best online experiences. And it requires only minutes of their time.”

Nitzan Shaer, CEO & Co-Founder, WEVO

Quantitative + Qualitative: A winning methodology

Consider the old days of user research. We’ve come a long way from the guy with the clipboard and focus group in front of a two-way mirror, to actual “user labs” in a company with cameras and retinal tracking, to Zoom interviews. Cloud-based solutions have made UX research methodologies more accessible. 

Today, companies of all sizes need UX research to make informed decisions and generate actionable human insights. The true magic happens when organizations combine both quantitative and qualitative research methods  – helping to inform what customer problems to solve and what to spend time on.

WEVO believes the future of insights is leveraging AI to organize raw findings data, make sense of it, and understand critical themes without dedicating endless hours to do it. Our AI-powered insights help to expedite testing preparation and data synthesis. Taking rich qualitative feedback at a quantitative scale enables researchers to launch a test and understand clear, summarized results in just 20 minutes of their time. Best of all, the entire process is guided by real, human UX researchers that fill in where automation cannot.

We’re excited to continue helping organizations combine the brilliance of human UX researchers with the power of AI will be a crucial driver to their success. Let us show you how. 

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