WEVO unveils WEVO 3.0: The next-generation UX research platform powered by generative AI

The launch of generative AI products such as ChatGPT has enabled people to create content, user experiences and digital products at an unprecedented speed. Due to this dramatic increase in speed, some estimate that generative AI will drive 90% of online content by 2025. Even if AI creates only half as much content, how can we ensure this content will be people-centered? How can marketers, product owners and content creators be confident that the content AI is creating indeed resonates with their specific audiences? 

With all the excitement, billion-dollar budgets are pouring in. CEOs, boards and investors are driving to increase the role of generative AI in their business. However, the question remains, can they leverage generative AI in a responsible and customer-centered way? 

Challenging AI-Generated Content

One of the most common questions regarding AI-generated content and design is, “Does this content address the unique needs and aspirations of my customers?” If the generative AI model was trained on data up to 2021, does it capture the nuances and subtleties of changes that have impacted society since then? 

Just think of national and international news affecting us all in the past six months, let alone two years. Hence, if I am leveraging generative AI to inform my new marketing campaign and new products, how can I ensure it is right for my customers? Even when given access to current-day websites, LLM’s do not capture the full understanding of human perception of the most recent events.  

Even if content creators, product owners and marketers wanted to test ideas created by generative AI, the typical process today for conducting user research requires anywhere between 20-40 hours. Per study. Many of these studies are conducted after resources and budget have been invested in creating fully developed content, coding websites and exposing customers to the risk of displeasing or offending content. 

Wouldn’t it be better if we could identify what resonates with our specific customers early in the development process, before building fleshed-out marketing campaigns or coding a new digital product? 

Enter WEVO 3.0

Enter WEVO 3.0, a new solution from the leading user research company WEVO, which enables you to evaluate marketing campaigns and new product designs in minutes. Now, you can get a reliable answer to the question, “Does this new campaign or product resonate with my target audience?” 

You will need not more than 30 minutes of effort to do so. WEVO 3.0 leverages a combination of generative AI and human-augmented AI to pinpoint what resonates and what doesn’t with your specific audience. It leverages generative AI for what generative AI is really good at: summarizing content and doing the heavy lifting of the research. WEVO 3.0 conducts user research studies of 120 human participants, from your specific target audience, and then presents the most significant findings. 

WEVO 3.0 is also the first user research platform to combine behavioral research, such as capturing where users click and measuring time to complete; and attitudinal research, sentiment analysis of the users’ reaction to the experience, at scale across 120 participants per study. 

The platform provides a unique combination of generating reliable data; requiring low effort; increasing confidence to launch vetted experiences; and early-stage testing to save time and effort.

Timely User Testing

WEVO is leading the industry in providing a platform that can test at the scale needed by today’s leading innovative companies. Our stated mission is that no digital experience goes untested. The biggest issue we’re overcoming to meet that mission is the time it takes to do research. 

Research teams don’t evaluate all experiences, not because they don’t think it is important, but rather they don’t have the time. We are enabling them to conduct effective and valuable research in the time they can budget.

This is why WEVO 3.0 is revolutionary to those who need to evaluate new campaigns and digital product, whether they’re in product, marketing, design or research teams, whether they created new content and designs on their own or by leveraging generative AI. We are leveraging the power of AI in each of the three steps of user research: evaluating the target audience, collecting feedback and analyzing the data.

Now, you can run user studies that you can rely on, in the time you have. You can de-risk content and campaigns, ensuring that they will resonate and please your customers. This is a game-changing approach for launching new campaigns and products, one that will enable every experience to be tested and validated before going live. 

Welcome to the future of UX research with WEVO 3.0! 

To learn more, read the WEVO 3.0 press release and visit the product page on our website.

Nitzan Shaer, CEO and co-founder of WEVO, focuses on utilizing AI to expedite reliable user insights. Formerly leading Mobile Phones Product Group at Skype, his experience led to creating WEVO, reducing user research from 50 hours to 30 minutes. He envisions all digital experiences being based on trustworthy user insights. Shaer values dreaming big, active listening, and swift action.

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