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WEVO Wins MassTLC Leadership Award for Innovative Tech of the Year in Sales and Marketing

WEVO is thrilled to announce that it has been named winner of the MassTLC Leadership Award for Innovative Tech of the Year: Sales & Marketing. The awards celebrate Massachusetts’ technology economy, and winners were selected from hundreds of nominations that were judged by panels of industry leaders in each of the categories.

WEVO is the first company to enable marketers to evaluate and enhance digital experiences, without the need for live traffic. WEVO was created in response to marketer’s frustration with existing tools that require considerable time, resources and guesswork in an attempt to increase conversion rates.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and a proprietary behavioral model, WEVO diagnoses webpages, pinpointing the reasons preventing more customer from converting. WEVO then generates design and content recommendations that maximize user engagement, significantly increasing the effectiveness of online experiences. WEVO doesn’t require live traffic or technical integration and delivers results in a fraction of the time and cost of existing tools.

“We are honored to be receiving this recognition from MassTLC. It is a testament to WEVO’s innovative approach – transforming a space that traditionally relied on human guessing to one that is driven by predictive AI and consumer insights, at a fraction of the time and costs, ” says Nitzan Shaer, CEO of WEVO. “Our team and our clients have helped deliver a significant breakthrough that will transform the content and design spaces.

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