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WEVO Crushes Satisfaction Benchmarks in G2 Crowd’s User Research Grid Report

Leader in optimizing digital assets before they go live tops all competitors in quality of support, beats averages across all other satisfaction benchmarks

BOSTON, Mass., November 21, 2019 WEVO, the only company providing digital marketers the tools to optimize digital experiences before going live, was the leader in quality support in G2 Crowd’s Fall Grid report for User Research. The fastest growing company in the category, WEVO also topped competitive averages in all other satisfaction ratings.

WEVO provides digital marketers with the “ability to test concepts and designs without having to put in the development work first,” said Melissa C., a designer at a mid-market company. “The WEVO platform is an amazing resource of qualitative insights [and is] the easiest way to dive in and really take a granular look at the feedback from end users.”

WEVO has developed the only marketing technology platform that blends artificial intelligence and customer feedback to provide actionable recommendations for users before launching a campaign or web page. Pre-live testing empowers digital marketers to understand before launch why a campaign or web page won’t convert, helping companies realize missed revenues from day one.

“There is a cavern the size of the Grand Canyon between user testing and A/B testing in the digital marketer’s toolkit and WEVO is filling that gap,” Nitzan Shaer, CEO and co-founder of WEVO, said. “WEVO provides statistically significant crowd response to a campaign or webpage and synthesizes test results with key insights and actionable recommendations for improvement, reducing the guesswork digital marketers have to do. By leveraging pre-live testing, marketers are able to increase conversion rates and revenues from day one of their campaign, rather than spending months on AB testing attempts.”

Ninety-seven percent of users rated WEVO’s quality of support four or five stars, topping the industry average. WEVO beat the industry averages in all other satisfaction benchmarks – ease of use, meets requirements, ease of admin, ease of doing business with, and ease of setup – with 90 percent or more of users rating the company four or five stars across the board.

Joshua M., director of online enrollment management at a large university, said, “WEVO gives companies the opportunity to step in the shoes of their prospective customer to see what their insights are that specifically relate to improved performance. Acquisition marketing is continuously evolving and WEVO helps to ease ROI decision making by increasing performance and mitigating risk. The tool is very easy to use, has a fast turnaround time, and produces actionable results that are easy to understand an implement.”

For more information on how WEVO can help, please visit: wevo.ai

About WEVO

WEVO is the first technology platform that optimizes digital experiences before you go live. Leveraging crowdsourced visitor insight and artificial intelligence, WEVO generates recommendations that have proven to significantly increase conversion. WEVO has successful experience working with companies in all sectors, including financial services, healthcare, and education.

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