Getting Started with CX Optimization – Common Use Cases

3 part blog post series
Jenni Bruckman

So you’re interested in taking your digital experience (DX) or
customer experience (CX) optimization to the next level… 

Great! Now where do you get started?

WEVO Conversion works with leading brands across industries to layer qualitative and quantitative insights into various DX and CX programs. In this three-part blog post series, I’ll lay out some common strategic use cases for how many of our customers leverage the power of WEVO to improve their program output and effectiveness — short term and long term.

If you missed it, check out Use Case #1

Use Case #2: Design Sprint Planning

Many customers use WEVO as an integral part of delivering stronger design sprints. 

Design Sprint popularity has only grown in recent years, largely because it’s such a successful way to organize ideas and prioritize work aimed at simplified methodologies to solve complex problems. Design sprints leverage prototyping, user research, and user testing in a defined period of time. The design sprint follows six phases: Understand, Define, Sketch, Decide, Prototype, and Validate. We’re going to focus on one part in particular…Validate. 

Likely one of the most used quotes in any consulting deck you’ve seen lately is from our old friend, Einstein: “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” It’s used so much because its truth continues to deliver value — teams who produce the best results rely on a Problem focused approach. Design Sprint teams who produce winning outcomes rely on Problem Validation, along with Idea Validation. 

Our clients and agency partner teams find repeatable value by leveraging WEVO insights to validate both problems and ideas within their design sprint planning — they bake it into the way they do business. They know that assuming a problem is real before spending a design team’s valuable sprint time to solve it will too often prove to be the wrong direction. They also know that the best way to validate an idea or product of a design sprint quickly and with confidence, is to run a WEVO. 

Wevo experience

Imagine running your next design sprint with the confidence and clarity that the problem you’re focused on solving is already validated by your customers. Now imagine also being able to validate the same expectations and drivers of what customers like or dislike about a competitor experience. Then imagine being able to run an equivalent validation test before releasing the design to know that your customers also validate the solution. Do you feel like you’re already leading a stronger, more validated design sprint? 

WEVO lets you anchor your design sprints in problem and solution validation. We create the lookalike audience for your real customers, run the test to collect qualitative feedback at quantitative scale, and deliver all of it to your design sprint and strategy teams with summarized key findings and insights that you can deep dive as desired. All integrated into your sprints, in a matter of days. 

Next up…

Use Case #3: Redesign Optimization

Many customers use WEVO to benchmark performance and gain improvements into and out of a redesign. 

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