Latest WEVO Platform Updates Driving Easier Collaboration for User Researchers

WEVO UX Platform Enhancements: Improved Dashboard for User-Driven Key Findings and Up-votes

Sharing and highlighting key user research insights just got easier for maximum collaboration – all from one platform. For the first time, there is a designated space for product managers, marketers, and engineers to view and collaborate on the insights coming out of your teaam’s user research. Now, team members can engage, review customer quotes and UX scores, add comments, and vote on the most meaningful insights that will drive outstanding experiences.

WEVO is focused on constantly improving collaboration and user control for democratized user insights. These latest updates allow for better synergy across teams and stakeholders with more in-depth synthesis and recommendations.

New Dashboard generating the answers you need faster than ever

The WEVO dashboard has been updated to help user researchers share and collaborate on test results: making it even easier for you to highlight and pinpoint key findings and share critical reports and insights across your organizations and with stakeholders. The updated dashboard elevates meaningful insights, providing an overview and roadmap of your WEVO test results. This new user interface makes it easy to understand test results at a glance and dig deeper to get the answers you are looking for.

This dashboard also includes highlights and a link to each WEVO report, as well as your starred quotes, WEVO generated key findings, and your team’s insights and recommendations. This easy-to-understand summary of the WEVO test results can be reviewed on its own or as a starting point to dig deeper into each WEVO report and is a great way to share WEVO results with additional stakeholders.

Wevo dashboard report

Add Your Team’s Key Findings & Upvote WEVO Key Findings

WEVO now includes new Upvoting feature on WEVO Key Findings and new User-Driven Key Findings report, making it easy for research, marketing, and product teams to collaborate on and share insights from WEVO reports. 

Where previously, users had no means of adding their thoughts to the output, User-Driven Key Findings adds a level of user control and insight consolidation to WEVO outputs, allowing users to add their feedback with more in-depth synthesis and recommendations. In combination with WEVO Key Findings, User-Driven Key Findings offers a designated area for internal and agency experts to synthesize critical insights, add notes, and share recommendations.

New to WEVO Key Findings is the Upvoting feature, where your team can now add votes to the specific findings within the WEVO report. This interactive tool helps your team effortlessly endorse and prioritize insights, highlighting which WEVO insights have the highest value for your team, and saving stakeholders time by prioritizing what is most important.  

Team members can now give their favorite WEVO key findings a “thumbs up” to:

  • highlight those that are most meaningful and valuable
  • identify those that should be prioritized for action
  • more easily address those important key findings with stakeholders
Wevo Key Findings

WEVO’s commitment is to provide reliable human insights, effortlessly. These enhanced collaboration tools and clear, prioritized insights at a glance are aimed to provide you and your team with the customer insights needed to make fact-based, insight-led decisions that will drive better experiences.

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