WEVO Delivers New Diagnostics for Enhanced Accuracy and Deeper Qualitative Insights

New enhancements to WEVO’s User Experience (UX) Platform now offer more consistency and ease of scores with new benchmarks, and added ‘First Impression’ diagnostics to further fine-tune the synthesis of insights. 

There’s a substantial gap in the user experience design process. User researchers are burdened with choosing between strenuous test configuration and data synthesis or relying on anecdotal insights from small test sizes, all keeping them from doing what they do best:  analyzing key findings and sharing reliable feedback for improving user experiences. 

WEVO is filling that gap by empowering you to effortlessly capture reliable customer insights, and we’ve added even more features to help you access, identify and respond to consumer feedback more quickly. Furthermore, researchers can now confidently compare performance against industry benchmarks, empowering them to focus their expertise on analyzing user feedback and driving stronger customer experiences.

Collaborating with your entire team on user insights, all from one platform, has never been easier. WEVO’s next-gen user research platform is empowering user researchers to focus on the test analysis, while relying on the platform to manage the heavy lifting of the data, allowing them to effortlessly go from valuable data synthesis to analysis and reliable insights faster. WEVO’s instant reports allow you to share insights with unprecedented accuracy right from the system, eliminating hours of grunt work preparing slides, reports, and presentations. 

Because we measure the true impact of our customers’ user experience (UX), it’s no surprise we’ve iterated our own UX and enhanced the experience with new and improved features and diagnostic displays. 

WEVO is focused on constantly refining the hundreds of thousands of data points for reliable user insights. That’s why we’re excited to announce these latest updates:

Compare Your Experiences to New Benchmarks in Product and Industry, with Added ‘First Impressions’ 

WEVO is enabling user researchers to pinpoint the shortcomings of any user experience, in the design phase or live, by aligning your results with industry benchmarks across five categories. With benchmarks established from years of research, you can see where your experience stacks up against product and industry standards within diagnostics reports. 

Along with the new product and industry benchmark visualization, user researchers are now able to distill insights in a more digestible way through the enhanced unified diagnostics report. Journey diagnostics are also now expanded to include qualitative and quantitative scores for First Impression, in addition to other test measurements, which analyze how Engaging, Intuitive, Trusted, and Valuable the page or journey was.

Compare user experience to new benchmarks

Measure User Expectations in Five Critical Categories

WEVO’s Journey Diagnostics and proprietary scoring algorithms are now smarter than ever with FIVE scores: First Impression, Engaging, Intuitive, Trusted, and Valuable. The new diagnostics reflect months of research and testing to make it easier for you to understand your visitors’ experience and know what you can improve on your page.  Diagnostic labels will be the same across both journeys and tests, making it easier for you and your stakeholders to understand results. 

Each WEVO test is scored across key customer experience diagnostics with a proprietary emotional and rational elicitation methodology. WEVO insights are statistically significant, benchmarked by industry, and delivered with curated user feedback and actionable insights to provide measurable validation of concepts.

*New* First Impression:

This new diagnostic is based on an initial emotion-based score that visitors provide immediately after seeing the journey or page, and before they are asked other test questions. This score has been highly correlated with test performance and has yielded high-quality, actionable feedback.

(This replaces Experience/Satisfaction in current tests.)


This diagnostic measures the page or journey’s ability to capture and retain visitors’ attention and interest throughout the experience (Replaces: Appeal/Inspiring).


This diagnostic measures the level of trustworthiness, professionalism, and authenticity conveyed through the page or experience as well as the level of confidence visitors have that the brand will meet their expectations (Similar to: Credible/Trusted).


This diagnostic measures visitors’ ability to understand the page or journey and find the information they are looking for, easily. (Similar to: Clarity/Intuitive).


This diagnostic measures the page or journey’s effectiveness in conveying the value of this product or service, and compelling visitors to take the next step (Replaces: Valuable /Relevance).

WEVO is focused on delivering the most reliable customer insights and driving world-class experiences through design. Helping our customers solve more problems by designing and building better experiences creates more value for their customers. These new features and enhanced user interface will allow our customers to better interpret and prioritize insights, yielding better, more confident outcomes.

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