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WEVO Announces 290% Growth in Q1

The company reports record sales and a growing team across the US to support the demand for rapid, validated insights on digital experiences 

Boston, MA | May 12, 2021 — WEVO, the user experience platform for rapid validation of digital customer experiences, today reported record sales for the first quarter of 2021. 

WEVO grew 290% year-over-year in Q1 of 2021. WEVO has brought on 9 new hires in 2021 to support business development, strategic partnerships, and customer success. Additionally, through a new agency partnership program launched this spring, WEVO’s insights will be leveraged by major digital marketing agencies to create meaningful engagements for Fortune 500 clients. 

“The understanding that remarkable digital experiences are a competitive advantage has penetrated the C suite in many Fortune 500 companies. This concept is now going beyond just the retail space and into financial services, business services, automotive and other industries,” says Nitzan Shaer, Co-founder & CEO at WEVO. “Our rapid growth in Q1 is a strong indicator that WEVO is filling a meaningful gap in the digital user experience design process.” 

“2021 is what I call the ‘Era of Agility’, where the winning businesses will be the ones that identify and respond to consumer needs more quickly than their peer set,” said Brian Cahak, Managing Director, Digital Growth & Marketing Operations at Accenture Interactive. “WEVO has become an indispensable partner to our researchers on this journey. WEVO allows our researchers to access direct user feedback and compare performance against competitors and industry benchmarks quickly and confidently. Our researchers are now able to do more, faster, and spend their time applying the WEVO insights to drive stronger customer experiences.”

WEVO also recently earned a High Performer distinction on the Spring 2021 G2 Grid Report. Their growing customer base praises the platform’s unique ability to fill the gap where traditional market research methods fall short. WEVO takes on the heavy lifting and delivers statistically significant insights with curated analysis that researchers can leverage to validate late-stage UX design concepts and live sites within days. 

WEVO is bringing users deeper, more powerful insights with the launch of Journeys on the WEVO Digital Experience Platform. WEVO Journeys makes it possible to upload and test an entire customer journey to understand how easy it is for visitors to complete, how effective and valuable the pages in the journey are, and why visitors would or wouldn’t engage further. This allows organizations to create more effective journey experiences, faster — across channels and touchpoints.

About WEVO: 

WEVO is a Customer Experience platform for rapid validation of digital concepts and live experiences, identifying the most important opportunities for improvement in days instead of weeks. By leveraging human-augmented AI to do the heavy lifting, WEVO pinpoints what works, what doesn’t, and why, empowering designers, product teams, and digital marketers to integrate user testing into their agile UX research processes. Each WEVO test is scored across key customer experience diagnostics with a proprietary emotional and rational elicitation methodology. WEVO insights are statistically significant, benchmarked by industry, and delivered with curated user feedback and actionable insights to provide measurable validation of concepts. Leading companies leverage WEVO insights across their organizations to create winning digital experiences. Learn more at wevoconversion.com.

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