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WEVO Introduces Custom Questions

WEVO customers can now ask distinct questions about their digital page journey as it pertains to their own customers, receiving actionable feedback to improve overall user experience.

Boston, MA | Aug 10, 2021WEVO, the user experience platform for rapid validation of digital customer experiences, is pleased to announce its latest offering for customers to include Custom Questions in their WEVO Journey tests. This will enable customers to further specify the questions they need addressed in their user experience (UX) research to support key hypotheses or questions that customers want answered.

WEVO’s Journey tests provide deep insight into understanding the customers’ digital experience across your website so that teams can pinpoint the UX, design and content that is most or least effective for target visitors, and see what’s holding them back from engaging and converting on every page.

“We now have the ability to receive detailed analysis and answers to specific questions like never before,” said Cole Ranzau, Manager of Digital Marketing at Strategic Education, Inc. “WEVO’s Custom Questions lets our team harness valuable insights into the complete user experience at an individual level, deepening our knowledge of what matters most to the customer and what we can do to build experiences that meet their needs.”

Each Journey test will now come with the option to include up to five custom questions, with one follow-up question each, for clarification. Customers can choose to add questions either at the top Journey level, or for any or each of the insight page tests included in the WEVO Journey.

The Most Common Question Types that are now included:

  • Likert (5 or 7 point scale)
  • Yes/No or True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Open Ended

In addition, WEVO Journey Reports will now include a section for the results of the Custom Questions, allowing teams to filter and sort custom results both by the traditional demographic information that they are familiar with, and also by the query results (e.g. see only visitors who
answered with a specific, or set, of scores.) 

“We are excited for this new feature to provide our customers with more comprehensive answers to their specific questions as they refine the journey for their target audience,” said Jenni Bruckman, VP of Customer Success & Strategic Partnerships, WEVO. “Having tangible, actionable recommendations to work off of will further improve their customers’ digital passage.”

Learn more about Custom Questions and how WEVO is helping with user research faster validation.

About WEVO 
WEVO is a Customer Experience platform for rapid validation of digital concepts and live experiences, identifying the most important opportunities for improvement in days instead of weeks. By leveraging human-augmented AI to do the heavy lifting, WEVO pinpoints what works, what doesn’t, and why, empowering designers, product teams, and digital marketers to integrate user testing into their agile UX research processes. Each WEVO test is scored across key customer experience diagnostics with a proprietary emotional and rational elicitation methodology. WEVO insights are statistically significant, benchmarked by industry, and delivered with curated user feedback and actionable insights to provide measurable validation of concepts. Leading companies leverage WEVO insights across their organizations to create winning digital experiences. Learn more at wevoconversion.com.

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